Creating shipments using a file upload

Creating shipments using RestockPro's shipment wizard ensures that your shipment is created accurately and that changes to local inventory quantities are automatically tracked.

You have 2 options to complete the shipment - using RestockPro (which uses Amazon's API) OR letting RestockPro create a shipping plan file that you can upload yourself to Seller Central. This article explains the file upload method.

Launch the shipping wizard in the usual way and proceed to step 2. Notice the radio buttons at the bottom, and choose the 2nd one to "Create a shipping plan file".


Click Next to download the file. (Alternatively, to save the list of items and work on it later, choose "Save/Exit"). RestockPro opens a popup with a link to exactly where you need to go on Seller Central to upload your file.


Click that link, and follow the instructions on Seller Central to upload it. Once it's processed, you'll use Seller Central to complete the plan, finalize your shipments, and get them shipped.

The shipments will be imported back into RestockPro upon the next sync. To speed that up, use the "Refresh All" option the Orders and Shipments. Sometimes the API takes a few minutes to get the newest updates, so be patient.

For more information, check out the User Guide article on creating shipments.