Advanced PO creation

How to create POs for multiple products.

When you create purchase orders in RestockPro, you can quickly add all eligible products to your order, rather than adding them one at a time. 


Here's how to add all: 

First, go to Restock Suggestions and select the supplier you want to order from.


Select a product to begin your order.

You can use the recommended reorder quantity by clicking the black triangle for suggested reorder, or clicking the checkbox indicated with the green arrow.



This will begin an order and show this popup:



Name your purchase order and select the method you want to use, then click Create PO.

This takes you back to the suggestions grid, now filtered to show other items from the same supplier.

Click the checkbox in the top left of the grid to add all items to the order.



This will add the suggested quantities for each of the items to the order.