Creating an Order

To create an order, go to your Restock Suggestions dashboard and look all the way to the right of the grid. Under Order Qty, enter the amount of the first item you want to order, click the checkbox, or click the triangle beside the suggested reorder quantity. Then press [tab] or enter.

rs - begin order.png


The “Create New Order”  window will appear. If prompted, choose the Source of the order as either the Supplier or your Local Inventory. Note that this choice is only displayed when you have local inventory for a SKU. Here you will name your order, and choose the destination. You can choose to ship it directly to Amazon, cross dock to Amazon, or to your warehouse. Have multiple warehouse locations? No worries. RestockPro offers a dropdown menu where you can choose the shipping address. Add shipping addresses in Locations.


new order.PNG


Once you name your order and choose your shipping destination, click “create order.”

You’ll then be returned to the list of Restock Suggestions, which is now filtered to show other products from the source that are eligible to be added to the order. Complete the order by adding additional products, if desired. You may apply the current order quick filter, which will show you just the items you’ve placed in the order.

As you add products to your cart, the color tiles at the top of the page will update with


Number of SKUs

Total Weight

Total Items

Total Amount


Continue adding all of the desired items to the order. The “Next Action” button in the upper right corner shows the next step in the order workflow. It will depend on the type of reorder you are creating.


Delete the Order

Click the Order options drop-down to access the option to delete the current order.

Click the Order options drop-down to access the option to delete the current order. restock-suggestions-po-actions-in-active-po


Import an Order

It is easy to import a purchase order or order list as a CSV rather than entering the order quantities. Choose the option for “Order Import” under the CSV options button. Upload a file containing a list of SKUs and quantities to be ordered. Using the file alleviates the process of selecting and setting the order quantity for each item.