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Why did Amazon restrict my account from sending proactive emails?

Amazon restricts sellers from sending proactive emails if they detect that the seller committed a prohibited action in communications with customers.

According to current Amazon Communication Guidelines and the email notification that Amazon normally sends to sellers who are restricted, the following actions are prohibited when sending a message to buyers:

  • Using “[Important]” in subject line or contact reason “Additional Information Required” when it is not necessary to complete an order
  • Sending marketing or promotions
  • Either incentivizing or manipulating product or seller reviews
  • Asking for the same review repeatedly
  • Sending links or attachments that are not necessary to complete the order

Another reason Amazon may restrict your proactive messages is if they receive an excessive number of complaints about your proactive messages from buyers.

What happens if I get restricted?

Your ability to sell in Amazon stores is not affected, and you can still respond to customer questions by email, Seller Central, or Seller App. 

However, you will not be able to initiate conversations with buyers unless it is critical to completing the order. Feedback and review requests are not critical, so you will see that FeedbackFive messages are blocked and unopened.

Your sent messages in Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging will show the proactive emails from FeedbackFive and other sources, but they will have a note below them saying, “This message was not delivered because your account was temporarily restricted from sending proactive messages. For more information please check the email inbox associated with your account for a detailed error notification." Buyers do not receive emails that have this note.

What should I do next?

Typically, your first Buyer-Seller Messaging restriction is temporary and will be automatically lifted after 30 days without requiring any action from you. However, repeated restrictions may become permanent. Check the detailed email that Amazon sent you to see whether a certain time period is mentioned.

Meanwhile, pause all your FeedbackFive campaigns to avoid sending messages that will be blocked. Then, audit your campaigns and templates and ensure that you're not committing any of the above prohibited actions or causing buyers to complain by sending excessive or misleading emails.

You may always contact us if you need any help auditing your emails.

Can I still request reviews and feedback?

Yes! FeedbackFive now offers the Official Amazon Feedback and Review Request Template, which can be sent even during a Buyer-Seller Messaging restriction. This official Amazon template triggers the same email that will be sent when you click the “Request a Review” button in Seller Central. You may use this template with the campaign rules and email timing settings in FeedbackFive so that it is fully automated. 

As these emails are created and sent by Amazon, they are completely safe and compliant by design. You can use this template while you are restricted or permanently use this instead of a Buyer-Seller Messaging template to avoid any compliance issues.