2D barcodes for box contents

Amazon requires you to provide box content information to ensure your shipments are successfully received and avoid fees.

3 options for sending box contents:

  1. Use RestockPro to supply box contents
  2. Use RestockPro to indicate 2D bar codes will be sent
  3. Use Seller Central to manage the box contents

The 2D barcode option is to be used when your supplier will put 2D box content stickers before shipping them directly to Amazon. RestockPro will send this notification to Amazon on your shipment.

If you will supply box contents, you may choose to manage those either in RestockPro or directly on Seller Central. To use RestockPro, simply fill out the box contents form on the Shipment Details page and click send to Amazon. Within a few minutes, you will see confirmation that they were successfully received. Looking at the shipment on Seller Central, you will see that the box contents were provided through MWS, and you should use RestockPro to make any necessary changes.

Why doesn't RestockPro print the 2D barcode labels?

You don't need to. You would need to fill in the number of items per box in order to generate the 2D stickers. Once you've filled that in, you can send it straight to Amazon and avoid the hassle of printing stickers.