Can I use 2D barcodes for box contents with RestockPro?

Yes, you can choose to use 2D barcodes on your shipments rather than specifying box contents. This is especially helpful for direct ship orders.

If your supplier will be shipping items directly to Amazon for you, they will be deciding how many units will be in each box and packing the boxes. So, you may choose to let your supplier generate and apply 2D barcodes to each box, rather than providing you with the details to specify box contents for each box of the shipment.

To choose 2D barcodes:

  1. On the Shipment Details page, click the Box Contents button.
  2. Choose "Set to 2D barcodes" toward the top left of the pop-up modal.
  3. Click "Send to Amazon."

You should see a success message soon afterward. If results were unsuccessful, we recommend opening a case with Amazon to resolve the problem.

Why doesn't RestockPro print the 2D barcode labels?

You do not need to because your supplier will do this.

To generate the 2D barcode stickers, you would need to know and fill in the number of items per box. If you have those details and choose to fill them in, the easiest option is to send the box contents info to Amazon via the API by clicking "Send to Amazon." This avoids the need for 2D barcodes on the boxes altogether.