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Should I request seller feedback or product reviews?

Both ratings are important for a healthy Amazon business, but many sellers prefer to focus on one more than the other. Amazon allows only one request per order.

Which rating is more important to your business can determine which email strategy you should use and what you should be most focused on monitoring to get the most out of FeedbackFive.

(If you need a reminder of what the difference between seller feedback and product reviews is, see this FeedbackFive blog post: Feedback vs. Product Reviews: What’s the Difference?)

Two Common Categories: Private Label vs. Reseller

In general, if you sell your own brand or private label products, you will probably be more focused on product reviews. Product reviews help your products rank high in search results and let buyers know what product they should purchase.

However, if you sell items that are already popular and that other sellers already sell, you will want to focus more on seller feedback. (Most retail arbitrage or online arbitrage sellers, sellers of used items and resellers of popular brands will fall into this category.) A high seller feedback percentage helps you win the Buy Box against other sellers and shows buyers that you are trustworthy.

Other Situations

Other factors are also important. For example, you might sell private-label products, but they are doing well and already have many reviews. Meanwhile, your feedback percentage might be low because your happy customers are not motivated to leave feedback. In this case, you would focus more on seller feedback, at least temporarily.

Similarly, you might sell an item that is not your own brand, but you are either the only seller of it on Amazon or one of very few sellers. It has few reviews so far, so you might choose to request reviews to increase sales. You would also want to choose a Product Review Management plan that allows you to monitor all the items you are requesting reviews on so you can assess the effectiveness of your emails.

Of course, you can also request both feedback and reviews by either combining both into one email or by segmenting your buyers. On most plan levels, you can create custom campaigns based on SKU, ASIN, fulfillment channel, repeat vs. first-time buyer status, and last digit of the order number.

Note: Amazon allows only one request for feedback or a product review per order. Once you have set up your campaigns, check your Scheduling page to make sure that no orders are scheduled to receive more than one request.

To be safe, you can always use the campaign rules "Send based on number of previous emails" or "Send if email sent from specific campaign" to make sure your requests do not overlap.

If you are not sure what email strategy will best serve your needs, please contact us to ask questions or request a personal account review.