Receiving the Cross Dock Order

The cross dock details view contains 2 tabs - the shipping plan and the PO.


Shipping Plan:


The shipping plan tab shows a summary of the items you plan to ship to Amazon. This may include normal and kit SKUs. You have the option to synchronize this to an Amazon shipping plan. This gives you the ability to preview the shipment and work out any listing or Hazmat issues while you are waiting for the items to arrive.

Click the Sync with Amazon button to create a shipping plan on Amazon. The first time you click the button it will create the plan. The Plan ID will appear at the top of this page as soon as we get it back from Amazon.

Click sync again any time you make changes to the list of planned items. This sync is ONE WAY - RestockPro cannot pick up any changes that you make on Amazon. That is due to how the API works. The best solution is to make changes in RestockPro and click sync when you need to!




The PO tab contains the list of items ordered from the Supplier. This may include normal and part SKUs. If the order is not already in the Receiving status, click the “Receive items” button to begin marking items that have arrived from the Supplier.

As you receive cross dock items, enter the quantities received on the PO. The received items will automatically be reflected on the plan side. Kits shown on the plan side will show as received on you have received all of the needed parts. For more on receiving cross dock orders with kits, click here.

What about backorders? Any items or quantities that cannot be fulfilled by the supplier should be removed from the order. If an item is backordered but expected to be fulfilled in the near future, just leave the open quantity so that the forecast is aware.


Delete Items or Transfer to Local Option:


The cross dock order has an option to transfer received quantities to your Local Inventory. Select one or more items from the plan tab and choose “Transfer to Local” from the Actions button. The quantities selected will be removed from the Cross Dock order and transferred to your warehouse. Click the Local Inventory menu option to view and ship these items. This might be a convenient option if you want to ship a partially received cross dock order.

Any items which will not be received from the Supplier should be removed using the Remove From Plan option under the Actions button.




The last step of the cross dock process is to ship! Click the green Ship button from the Plan tab. You have the option to either (1) go the Shipping tool to create a new shipment from scratch, or (2) finalize your previously created shipping plan . Unless you are creating the shipments BEFORE the items are physically received, you should specify the option to mark the items as having been shipped. This informs RestockPro that the items have left the ordering status and have moved on to Inbound.

The plan tab has a space for you to enter the shipment IDs of a shipment if you created it yourself. It’s optional for users that want to have a physical link between their plan and shipments.