How do I order, receive, and ship kits in RestockPro?

Kits work a little differently than other SKUs. Learn how to use POs and shipments for kits in RestockPro.

  1. Go to the Restock Suggestions page, find your kit, and create a PO as you would for any other product. Choose My Warehouse as the destination (even if your supplier will actually send the kits to a prep center or somewhere else).
  2. When you create a PO that contains kits, a few important things happen:
    • The kit parts—rather than the kits themselves—will appear on your PO so that you can order all the parts from your supplier.
    • However, when you go to the PO details page, you'll also see a PO Intent tab that shows you how many units of the kits go with this PO.
    • In addition, a special Kits PO will be created to track the Kits that you will be building and receiving. pos-and-shipments-kits-po
      • Example: On Amazon, you sell a bundle of a coffee mug with two bags of coffee beans. You order 12 units of the kit via the Restock Suggestions page. When the PO is complete, it will show that you are ordering 12 coffee mugs and 24 bags of coffee beans (the kit parts). For your own reference, the PO Intent tab will show the 12 kit units you originally ordered. The special kits PO will be created automatically, and it will show that those 12 kits are on order.
    • Why is there a special Kits PO when I'm already creating a PO?
      • The original PO you create will track the ordering and receiving of the kit parts. This is the PO your supplier needs. Also, you might receive the different kit parts at different times, and you can mark them received accordingly.
      • The Kits PO tracks the kits themselves and is more for your own use, rather than your supplier's. Once you have received all the necessary parts for a kit, the Kits PO allows you to tally the parts you received with the number of kits they can make, and then build that kit without having to go to the Kits page.
  3. As your kit parts arrive, mark them as received on the original PO. As you receive them, the quantities that you receive will be transferred to your Local Inventory.
  4. Click Save.
  5. A pop up will appear asking if you want to mark the kits themselves as received on the special Kits order. If you're ready to do this, click OK. pos-and-shipments-po-receive-ordered-kits
  6. This will redirect you to the special Kits PO. Find the kit and click the pencil icon next to the Qty Received to Local field. Increase the quantity by the number of complete sets of kit parts you received. pos-and-shipments-kits-qty-received-to-local
    • Example: Continuing the example above, if your supplier sent you all 12 mugs and 24 bags of coffee (parts for 12 kits), you can go to the Kits PO and type 12 in the Qty Received to Local field. If your supplier sent you only six mugs and 12 bags of coffee, and will send the rest of the parts later, you can type in six.
  7. Next, build the received kits. This tells RestockPro that the parts are no longer separate units in your Local Inventory, but you have units of the kit instead. In other words, it reduces the local quantity of each part to zero and increases the local quantity of the kits accordingly. To build the kits, click on the wrench icon. pos-and-shipments-kits-wrench
    • Note: You may have to switch the slider for "Show fully received kits" to ON at the top of the grid.
  8. Then, choose whether you want to build all the kits or just some. pos-and-shipments-kits-build-kit
  9. Once you receive all of the items on your PO, you can then create the shipment from the Local Inventory page as you would for any other product.