Kit setup

How to configure RestockPro to track your bundles.

RestockPro's kitting features are useful when you have to combine two or more parts that you order into a kit that you sell on Amazon. The parts are obtained from the supplier, and may or may not be sold individually on Amazon. If you sell custom bundles or multipacks, the kitting features will save you lots of time.


If you sell many products as kits, you'll want to take a walk through to see how RestockPro can help.

Here's how the process works using cross dock as an example:

First, you mark an existing SKU as a kit. Add the "kit recipe" by specifying the parts and their quantities. 

Go to Restock Suggestions and begin a cross dock order for 3 units of the kit.

Create the PO. Notice the PO shows the right number of parts to build the 3 kits you ordered.

Open the PO, and notice the Shipment Plan tab shows the kit SKUs you will be shipping while the PO tab shows the parts you ordered.

From the PO tab, mark everything received.

Go back to the shipping plan tab, and see that all of the kits are now ready for shipping.

Other things to note:

  • Use the Kits menu option to get a collapsible view of all of your kits.
  • Kits are automatically built when you receive cross dock orders.
  • With local orders, the parts are received to local and you will "build" them from Local.
  • If, prior to shipping, you want to reassess your current local inventory and determine the best kits to build using what you have on hand, use RestockPro's kit optimizer to build the best combination for profit.
  • Kits can be built and broken by clicking the kit basket icon from Restock Suggestions. Use this feature to double-check your current local inventory before ordering more parts.