How do I build, break, and edit kits in RestockPro?

Manage and optimize your Kits (bundles and multipacks) in RestockPro on the Kits page.

The Kits feature in RestockPro includes bundles, multipacks, and any other scenarios in which the quantity you sell is different than the quantity you ordered because of how you combine units.

To learn how to set up kits, click here. To learn how to modify or optimize kits, continue reading.

Overview of the Kits Page

The Kits page lists every kit SKU in an expandable grid.

  • Click the + icon beside any kit to view a list of its parts and their available quantities.
  • Click the "Grid" button to expand the entire grid.
  • Click the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of the grid which allows you to access additional columns for display in the grid.

Arrows pointing to the plus icon and hamburger button on the Kits page in RestockPro

Use the filter buttons at the top to see actionable items:

  • Flag: Identify kits that are currently flagged for restocking on the Restock Suggestions page.
  • Wrench: Identify SKUs that could be built using parts available in local inventory.
  • Warehouse: See only kits available in your local inventory.
  • Hamburger icon: See all kits.

Updating, Breaking, and Building Kits

Updating: If you ordered kits but decided to use their parts differently (e.g. sell them as separate items on Amazon), click the pencil icon to clear the on order quantity. This means that, while the kit parts are still on order, the kit itself is no longer considered to be on order.

Breaking: In the Local Quantity column, click the "break" icon to break apart a kit. This means that the kit SKU in your local inventory will be replaced by all of the part SKUs.

Break kit icon on the RestockPro Kits page

Building: If there is a buildable quantity in your local inventory, you can build kits from here on the Kits page. Click the blue wrench icon next to each kit to build the kit. Building the kit means that the part SKUs in your local inventory will be replaced by the kit SKU.

Note: Typically, you should use the checkbox to clear the on order status for the kits you build from local inventory.

Add kits to local inventory window in RestockPro

Note: You can also build and break kits from the Local Inventory page if you prefer.

  • To find kit SKUs, use the Type filter.
  • To build, click the build icon:
    Build kit icon on the Local Inventory page in RestockPro
    Then choose the number of kit units you would like to build.
  • To break, click the break icon:
    Break kit icon on the Local Inventory page in RestockPro
    Then choose the number of kit units you would like to break apart and replace with kit part units.

Kit Optimizer

Run the Kit Optimizer to have RestockPro examine all of your kits, along with their current restock need and parts available to build, and build the optimal number of kits. This is helpful if you sell several kits that share some of the same parts and/or sell some of your kit parts also as separate items.

  1. Click the Kit Optimizer button and choose whether RestockPro should first break apart all of the kits that are currently in Local Inventory.
  2. Select the option to optimize by Estimated Margin, Estimated Margin %, or Profit Potential.
  3. Wait for RestockPro to update your local inventory for you. It will attempt to build the suggested kit restock quantities in order of highest to lowest margin or profit potential.

Note: After running the Optimizer, wait a few minutes before attempting to run it again. The restock suggestions must be recalculated based on the newly built quantities and parts that have been converted to kits, so running it multiple times in succession may result in errors.