Defining a Kit

How to mark an item as a kit and assign the component parts in RestockPro.

Step 1 - Be sure all of the products are created

Begin by opening the Products page. The first step is to identify the kit SKU, and the parts that make it up. Be sure that all of them exist in your Products list. The kit that you sell on Amazon should be established on Seller Central. Any part SKUs that you don’t sell individually probably aren’t on your SKU list - you will need to add them in RestockPro. Give them a SKU and mark the checkbox for “Part-SKU only” - that way RestockPro won’t suggest them for restocking individually.

Use the search box to quickly find kits or part SKUs.

For now, RestockPro supports single supplier kits, so the kit SKU and its parts will all need to be assigned to the same supplier.

For more on adding new Products, click here.


Step 2 - Mark the kit SKU as a kit

Click on a product to open its details. You’ll notice three tabs at the top. One is kits. This is where you tell RestockPro that the item is a kit. You use that checkbox only for the kit product, not its pieces.


Once you do that, a Kit Parts section will appear and you can click the blue button and choose from the products (all from the same supplier) on the list.


Make sure to enter the appropriate quantity for each of the parts that make up the SKU.


Click the “Add to Kit’ button once you’ve selected all the parts, then click "Save and update all Pending POs" and your kit is defined!


Modifying a Kit

You can modify the contents of a kit using the Modify Kit button. Use caution when changing a kit that has active quantities in your supply chain (ie, on order, at Amazon, or in your Local).