Why don't the sales I see exactly match Seller Central?

Sales numbers in RestockPro should be similar to Seller Central, though they may not exactly match. This is normal.

This won't significantly affect your demand forecast because the difference in numbers is small.

To ensure the demand used by RestockPro is the best it can be:

  1. Make sure that your Restock Rules are up to date for your Store and for any Suppliers where different settings make sense.
  2. Make sure your Velocity Estimation Rule makes sense for the product.
    • For most sellers, we recommend setting "Adjust Velocity for Out of Stock" to YES and turn ON the "Include Pending Orders in Sales Calculations" checkbox.

Why don't the numbers match exactly?

Amazon does not offer real-time data API access, so tools like RestockPro synchronize periodically throughout the day. RestockPro computes the two day, seven day, etc. sales figures from your raw orders data, and depending on what you are comparing to on Seller Central, we might not be using the exact same start/end date time cutoff.

Why won't this negatively affect the forecast?

RestockPro uses the sales to calculate your future demand. If the sales are off by a small number of units, the demand may be different by a small fraction, which doesn't add up to a significant difference in what RestockPro will suggest that you order.

Still worried?

The RestockPro sales figures and Amazon figures should be similar. If they seem off by a lot, just let us know and we'll double check for an issue.