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When does my FeedbackFive free trial end?

To see your free trial end date you can go to the upper right corner of your FeedbackFive dashboard, click the dropdown arrow beside your name and choose Account. Under Account Information, you’ll see Free Trial End Date.

Most FeedbackFive accounts include a free trial of at least 14 days, but some may have a longer free trial if you used a coupon code or special link.

Account Information page in FeedbackFive

You can always upgrade or downgrade your service plan for free at any time during your free trial period. We recommend that you use the Pro or Enterprise plans to try all of FeedbackFive’s features. If you need more information before upgrading you can always contact us.

Once your free trial ends, the card listed in the billing information in your FeedbackFive account will be automatically charged according to the service plan your account is on. If you are on the Free (Lite) plan, your card will not be charged. 

If you’ve decided that our service is not for you, kindly contact us with your account information and the reason you are considering discontinuing before your free trial ends so we can easily help you.