Walk through a local scenario

How RestockPro handles replenishments that involve your local inventory.

With local replenishments, there are really 2 different "orders" to use in RestockPro - one to bring items into local inventory and the other to ship items out. Depending on your restock model, these 2 steps may happen back-to-back or they may occur at different intervals.


Bringing items into your local inventory:

create-po receive-po-to-local  Local inventory can be any inventory that is not on-site at Amazon: your own warehouse, a 3PL, etc.


Sending items from your local inventory to Amazon

local-inventory create-fba-shipment track-amazon-receiving


Start in Restock Suggestions:

Click Restock Suggestions, and choose a Supplier from the list. (If you haven't added any, click here for help.) You should switch to the Product list and see the assigned SKU.

Create the PO:

Order the item and receive it into local inventory

Create the shipment:

Ship the item from local inventory to Amazon