Users with multiple stores

Using a single login for multiple RestockPro stores.

You can access multiple stores from a single login in RestockPro. Your Store Switcher appears in the RestockPro header area. The drop-down allows you to switch between your accounts, set the default store, and add a new store.


To switch stores, simply click the store name you want to access.

To set a default store for login: click the heart icon to change your default store.

To add a new store, click the add store link and you will be directed to the RestockPro sign up wizard to enter the details. Your email address will default as the owner of the new store, but you can change that in Store Settings if you have another staff member managing your new store.


Linking Stores Together

In some cases, you may have multiple RestockPro accounts under separate email logins and you want to consolidate them to the same login. If your plan level is Pro or above, here are the steps to modify your email login. For starter plan stores, please email us to request the login email address update.

When your separate stores are set up and linked to different email accounts and you want to consolidate them under a single login, simply follow these steps:

  • Login to your non-primary store and go to Options>Users

  • Add a new user with the email address of your preferred single login

  • Repeat for any other stores you want to consolidate

  • Login under your primary preferred login and all the linked stores should populate the Store Switcher drop-down


You can remove the old logins by following these steps:

  • Log in to the non-primary store

  • Go to My Store>Basic Information

  • Make sure your non-primary email address and username is not selected as the store owner

  • Return to Options>Users and remove the non-primary username

  • Repeat for any other stores


Let RestockPro Link Your Stores Together

You can also email us for help. Send a list of your stores and the primary email address you’d like to use to manage them all.