The POs and Shipments Page

The POs and Shipments page is the central place to manage all types of inbound orders. You may quickly filter the list to a particular inbound location by clicking one of the color tiles at the top of the page.


RestockPro creates orders for each restock model - direct ship, cross dock, or local. They all work in a similar fashion, but there are a few differences in the workflow for each. If you are working with Kits, you’ll want to review the chapter devoted to Kits for complete details on managing orders with kits.

From this page, you can manage all of your Supplier POs and all of your shipments, regardless of whether they were created in RestockPro or directly in Seller Central.

For each order, you will see:

  • Order name - click to open the details of the order

  • Source & Destination

  • Status (see summary chart below)

  • Requested & Received - the quantity ordered or shipped vs. received

  • Total Cost - total cost associated with the order

  • Last updated - last update by a user

  • Last sync - last synced with Amazon

  • Next Step - the next step (it will be based on the current status)

  • Options - other available options for the order (see summary below)

  • Tags - Click the [insert icon] blue tag icon to set tags. Bulk select using the checkbox to apply the same tag to multiple orders.

  • Order Notes - Click the [insert icon] blue pencil to enter notes. This is useful to tracking ETA or to documents Amazon Cases opened for a receiving discrepancy.

  • Archive - only Pending orders may be deleted. Everything else may be archived to hide it from view and ignore any outstanding quantities.

Click the grid column selector.PNG menu select icon in the upper right corner of the grid to set the column visibility. You may also re-arrange the column order or click a column title to sort by that column


Edit/Update Orders

While you don’t start an order from the Orders page, if you have saved the order for later (rather than gone on to create a PO or shipment), you can edit the order and change the number of items ordered from this page.

To view an order, open it by clicking its name or the view button (magnifying glass) shown in the Options column.




Click one of the color tiles to filter open orders/shipments by destination.


Click the funnel filter button to apply custom filters, You may filter by order type, status, or several SKU identifiers.


Refresh your Shipping Queue


Click the Refresh All button to synchronize RestockPro with your Amazon shipment queue. The Inbound quantity is calculated based on the shipments. Even though RestockPro automatically synchronizes shipments about every hour, use this option if things seem out of date.


Archive options


Keep your Orders list manageable by using the options to bulk archive orders that are closed.

You may also archive individual orders by clicking the archive folder. po-and-shipments-archive-folder-button

Use the “Show archived orders” slider to toggle the display of archived orders.


CSV options

Choose Download All to export a list of orders to a CSV, or Download Current View to export based on the currently applied filter.

New orders are created from the Restock Suggestions page.


Print Pick List


Click the pick list option on a shipment to print a summary of the items in that shipment. If you prefer, print a list for each box to be shipped by opening the shipment and clicking the “Box Contents” button.

Click the upper right corner to customize the columns shown in the pick list. Customize the sort by clicking a column header. You may also re-arrange the columns by drag/dropping the column titles.