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Simplify your restocking process & back orders

Having a clear picture of the steps in your supply chain is key to a smoothly running operation. Document your own process, describing each step in detail, who is responsible, and how you will automate. Look for opportunities to simplify.

Will you need to use multiple restock models and/or order types? In RestockPro, you set up a default model in Settings but you can choose a different restock model/order type for each supplier. See the section on Supplier setup for details.

Use this handy template to describe your process

It is helpful to document the steps for every workflow that you use. Be sure to include the steps for backorders and other process exceptions. Here's a quick sample of some of the steps you may want to document:

  Step Who How to  Notes
1 Describe the step in detail Who or what team is responsible Tool(s) for automation Explanation
2 Decide what to order Store owner Sam RestockPro  
3 Create PO Ordering Manager to the Supplier RestockPro Export as PDF for emailing
4 Upload PO to supplier portal Ordering Manager to the Supplier Supplier portal website  
5 Resolve backorders     See advice on handling backorders
6 Notify Finance of the new invoice Ordering Manager to Fred in Finance Internal finance tool