Document and Simplify your Restocking Process

Document the steps in your supply chain, who is responsible, and how you will automate. Look for opportunities to simplify for better results.

Whether you're just starting to use RestockPro or have been doing so for a while, it's a good idea to document your current replenishment process and look for ways to streamline it. This helps you use RestockPro better to save lots of time and money.

Do you have more than one replenishment process? (For example, some of your suppliers ship products directly to Amazon FBA, while others ship products to you for prep.) If so, document all of your current processes and get a sense of how often you follow each process.

Replenishment processes are called restock models or order types in RestockPro, and they determine what settings you should use. After documenting your processes, see How should I configure my restock rules? to make sure your settings in RestockPro are accurate for your restock model(s).

Template to Describe your Process

Each seller's process will be different, but below is an example of some of the steps you may want to document. You may want to be even more detailed when describing your own process.

  Step Who How to  Notes
  Step of the process Who or what team is responsible Tool(s) Detailed explanation
1 Decide what to order Store owner Sam RestockPro: Restock Suggestions page  
2 Create PO Ordering Manager Opal RestockPro: Restock Suggestions > POs and Shipments Export as PDF for upload; make sure Supplier SKU is included
3 Upload PO to supplier portal Ordering Manager Opal to the Supplier Supplier portal website  
4 Receive items Warehouse team RestockPro: POs and Shipments page Mark items that were successfully received as received
5 Notify Ordering Manager that items were received Warehouse team to Ordering Manager Opal Email Send Ordering Manager the PO number and notes
6 Resolve backorders Ordering Manager Opal   See advice on handling backorders
7 Notify Finance of the new invoice Ordering Manager to Fred in Finance Internal finance tool  
8 Create FBA Shipment Store Owner Sam RestockPro: POs and Shipments + Seller Central Create shipment from PO; download file and upload it to Seller Central to finish the shipment.
9 Prep items with labels, specify box contents, and ship to FBA Warehouse Team RestockPro: POs and Shipments See prep instructions on the shipment in RestockPro