Shipping Items from Local Inventory

When you’re ready to create an FBA shipment from your Local Inventory, simply click on the Local Inventory tab on the left side of your dashboard. You can add all your local items to a shipment, or you can start a new FBA shipment from this screen.


Just choose the amount of local inventory for your FBA Shipment Quantity and a window will appear where you can complete your FBA shipment. From here, the steps are the same as any other FBA shipment. Confirm the quantity, click next, name your shipment and specify the shipment name, from address and label preference. For more information, see Creating A Shipment.

From here, you decide if you want to create the shipment in RestockPro or if you want to upload a shipping file to Amazon. Once you choose, click next and your shipment plan(s) will be saved so you can apply item stickers and ship your items to the specified FBA locations.