What integrations does RestockPro offer?

RestockPro integrates with several partners to help you manage your Amazon inventory better and stay profitable.

You can find and activate all integrations by going to Options > Settings > Integrations.

Aura: Amazon Repricer

Sellers who use both RestockPro and Aura can save time by entering cost-per-unit data for their SKUs only once, in RestockPro. Aura will import the data and use it for profitable repricing. To use, sign up for both RestockPro and Aura, then simply turn on the integration in both tools. Learn more here or in the video below:

Movley: Product Inspections

Sellers who use Movley ensure every shipment of products from the supplier is up to the same quality standards by leveraging ongoing, on-site inspections at the factory. To use, just sign up for Movley through the Integrations page in RestockPro. Learn more here and in the video below:

Kickfurther: Inventory Funding

Sellers who use Kickfurther never need to worry about running low on inventory due to lack of funds. Kickfurther advances cash on flexible terms that are designed for ecommerce. To use, just click through to Kickfurther via the Integrations page in RestockPro whenever your reorder cost is high enough that you need funding, then fill out the form to get a quote. Learn more.