Receiving the Local Order

When you choose to receive a local order, the items transition from being counted as “On Order” to “Local”. You will see them listed in the Local Inventory view in RestockPro. You may build shipments from any items in your Local Inventory as needed to replenish your items at Amazon FBA.


The PO view contains the list of items ordered from the Supplier. This may include normal and part SKUs. Click “Receive items” to begin marking items that have arrived from the Supplier.


As you receive items, enter the quantities received on the PO. The received items will automatically be marked as received and added into your Local Inventory. The parts received will also be added to your Local Inventory.


What about backorders? If items are on backorder, it is fine to leave the order in receiving status. The Restock Suggestions forecast will recognize you are waiting for them. If there are unreceived items that you no longer expect to receive, you should use the Close/Partial option. RestockPro will ignore any unreceived quantities.