Local shipment walkthrough

Let's create a test local shipment. We will show you how to remove it at the end.

The shipment may be created either from the Restock Suggestions page or from the Local Inventory page.

What if I'd rather create my shipment in Seller Central or elsewhere?

Local shipment workflow:

local-inventory create-fba-shipment finalize-shipment


Option 1 - Choose the items to ship from Restock Suggestions:

If you have been following along with the setup articles, you should be in Restock Suggestions looking at Products. Find the product you just received on the PO. Hint: click the column title for Local to quickly find an item with local quantity. If you don't have any, click here to add a local product.

Scroll to the right side of the screen and notice the suggested ship quantity. 

Enter a test ship quantity, for now let's use 5. Press enter.

When you see the prompt to choose the source of the order, choose your warehouse. Click next.

Enter a test order name such as your initials + the date + "test"

Click Direct to Amazon as the destination, then click "Create Order." Let's pretend that is all you need to ship for now. Click "Create FBA Shipment."  

Option 2 - Choose the items to ship from the Local Inventory page:

To ship items from your local inventory to Amazon, click the “Local Inventory” menu option. All of the items available locally are shown.  If you don't have any, click here to add a local product. 

Simply enter the number of units you would like to ship in the “FBA Shipment Quantity” field. 

Click the button Create FBA Shipment

Create and ship the shipment:

From the shipping wizard, review the shipping summary and choose who will prep if this item requires it. Click next.

Go to the shipping options, name your shipment, and click next

RestockPro connects to Amazon to determine where to route the shipment.  View the shipping plan and click next.

The shipment has now been created as Working on your shipping queue.

On the last page, you will see options to print item stickers. If you print stickers, check out RestockPro's customizable stickers with the ability to print to sticker sheets or a thermal printer. When you are ready to move on, click Go to Orders.

Box contents - Fill in the box contents once you have them from the supplier

Box & Label - specify the carrier, boxes, and other details depending on the shipping method. Download the labels.

Wait and watch for shipment to arrive.

Cleaning Up

Open the shipment you generated from the Orders page. To be safe, if you approved any shipping charges, go into Box and Label to void any charges.

In the shipment, click "Delete Shipment."  Since this is a test order, uncheck the box that would return the items to local inventory. Click yes to confirm that the shipment will be archived in RestockPro.