Local order walkthrough

Let's create a test local order. We will show you how to remove it at the end.


Local orders in a nutshell:

create-po receive-po-to-local


Start in Restock Suggestions looking at your products. Find the product you just set up with the supplier. 

Scroll to the right side of the screen and notice the suggested reorder quantity.


Add the item to the cart:

Enter a reorder quantity for this test order, such as 5.

If you see a prompt to choose the source of the order, choose the supplier. Click next.

Enter a test order name such as your initials + the date + "test"

Click My Warehouse to indicate you are creating a local order, then click "Create Order." Let's pretend that is all you need to order for now. Click "Create PO."

RestockPro will display a preview of the PO. Click "Save/Exit" to complete the PO. 


Receive items at your warehouse:

In the POs and Shipments screen, click “Receive Items” under the Next Steps column.

Enter the number of units you have received under “Quantity Received” then click Save.

RestockPro will prompt you to confirm your received quantities and inform you that the order cannot be edited once it is marked as received. Click “OK” to mark the order as received. 


Shipping items from your local warehouse

Depending on your restocking model, you might immediately ship after you have received local inventory. Or, you might wait until RestockPro suggests that you ship. Click here to walk through the steps.

Cleanup the order:

Archive the local PO by clicking the folder icon in the Archive column on the Orders page. Leave the product that you just received to Local alone, as you will use it in the next step of our walkthrough.