Kits and Local Orders

The local order model gives you a great deal of flexibility in managing your kit SKUs. The local order process is described here. In this article, we’ll just highlight the unique features of managing ordered kits.


For some sellers, deciding which kits to send to Amazon FBA is a very dynamic process. They are constantly assessing their kit performance and making just-in-time decisions about the best kits to build and ship in. For other sellers, this is not the case, and the kits ordered will always be built and shipped as ordered. RestockPro has you covered either way.

A couple of terms to be sure we’re on the same page:

  • Kit - A custom bundle, multipack, or product where you buy in smaller units than you sell

  • Part - An item that is included in a Kit. It may or may not be sold individually. If it’s not sold individually, it will be listed in RestockPro and identified as “Part SKU only”

  • Build a kit - Replace the parts in local inventory with the kit

  • Break a kit - Replace the kit in local inventory with the part(s)

RestockPro’s kit feature gives you a great deal of flexibility to build and break kits to optimize your profit potential.

The workflow:

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Begin the Order

You begin the order from Restock Suggestions and complete the Purchase Order. The kit SKUs will have suggested quantities and may be added to the order just like any other SKU. You can quickly find kit SKUs by searching for the kit, or sorting on the “Type” field. To quickly look up the details of a kit from Restock Suggestions, click the magnifying glass by the name of the product and view the Kits tab. You can also click the kit icon to quickly view a summary of what’s in the kit and what parts you may already have in Restock Suggestions. It is worth double-checking that you don’t already have the parts necessary to build a kit before ordering additional items. Clicking the kit icon or part icon allows you to build and break kits, right from the Restock Suggestions view.

You may or may not sell the part SKUs of your kitted items individually. If you do sell them individually, you will also see their suggested order quantity. The quantity ordered for kits is tracked separately.


Create the PO

The parts necessary for any kits that you order are automatically placed on the purchase order. The kits that you ordered are registered in a special “Kits” order that keeps track of ordered kits.


Receive the Order

Quickly find orders containing kits by clicking the yellow color tile on the Orders page to filter the list.

Open the local order. There is a checkbox to remind you that kits were ordered.  The parts are shown on the PO tab. Each part SKU contains a notes field about the quantity ordered for a kit. Mark the parts received once they arrive from your supplier. Each part item will be added to the Local Inventory view as you receive it. When the order is fully received, RestockPro will display a reminder to “build” your kits.


Build the ordered kit(s)

In order to ensure all of your quantities are tracked accurately for the forecast, It’s important that you update the ordered kits. Your options are to either (1) build the kits that you ordered, or (2) clear their “on order” status if you changed your mind.

There are two places you may go to build your kits: The Kits Order or the Kits Page.


Using the Kits Order

To build a kit, open the special order entitled “Kits”. Locate the kit items you need to build, either by name or supplier. Note the quantity ordered vs. quantity received columns. Click the blue wrench tool icon to build the kits. RestockPro will display a summary of the kit parts and their availability. Quickly check the “Buildable quantity” displayed at the bottom. Typically you will want to build the ordered quantity.

If you changed your mind and want to use the parts differently, it's easy to do so. Click the pencil icon beside the "on order" quantity and change it to 0. That way the forecast will be up to date.

Another option for viewing a summary of kits and their order status is by the “Kits” menu option.


Shipping to Amazon

Shipping kits to Amazon from your local inventory is just like shipping any other item. Check out our article on Local Shipments for more information.