Keep your active SKU list clean

This will not only help minimize the list of SKUs you have to look at, but it will also boost the performance of RestockPro.  And, since you can reactivate any time, what's the downside?

Find SKUs marked Inactive on Amazon:

From the products page, view the Amazon Status column. Active SKUs are those found in the Manage FBA Inventory Report on Seller Central. Inactive SKUs have stopped appearing in the report - if you have stopped restocking these items for a time then consider deactivating them in RestockPro. N/A SKUs are products that have been added directly to RestockPro but are not found on Amazon. For example, if you have added products that you order to build kit SKUs but don't have listed individually, these will show as N/A.

Identify candidates for deactivation:

  • SKUs from dropped suppliers
  • Seasonal items
  • Outdated or upgraded SKUs
  • Low or Unprofitable items

Activate or deactivate SKUs in bulk:

Download your SKUs to a CSV from the Products page. Use Excel to sort and filter your SKUs. Modify the column for Active to TRUE or FALSE:

Upload the CSV to update the status. Easily find inactive SKUs using the filter button on the Products page.