How do I respond to product reviews?

Reply to a product review by leaving a public comment on the review. (Scroll down for a video demonstration.)

The Product Review Management feature in FeedbackFive makes it quick and easy to comment on the reviews you want to address:

  1. Go to the Product Reviews page and click on an item title to show the list of Customer Product Reviews for that item.
  2. Click the title of a review to open the review comment page on Amazon.
  3. Be sure you are signed into the correct Amazon account by checking the name next to “Posting publicly as”: Respond to Product Review_LI
  4. Add a polite message. (See tips below.)
  5. Click “Post a comment” to submit.


Can I email the buyer directly instead of leaving a comment?

Amazon allows buyers to leave reviews anonymously and does not share reviewers’ contact information or order numbers. As a result, FeedbackFive does not recommend trying to email the buyer directly.

(Note: This is different from seller feedback.)