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How do I customize my subject line?

Insert the product or order number into your title automatically, or add an emoji to catch more attention.

Order Number or Product Name

On all plan levels, FeedbackFive allows you to modify the wording of your subject line and to include either the Amazon order number or the product name at the end of it automatically.

To include the order number or product name, check the box below the subject line field and then use the drop-down menu to choose one of the two options.




The Amazon order number will be displayed in this format:

(Amazon order #000-0000000-0000000)

The product name will be the full Amazon title of the item. If the buyer purchased more than one item from you in the same order, this will be the title of the first item on the order as reported by Amazon.


On the Pro plan level and above, in the Advanced Editor, FeedbackFive provides a menu of emoji you can include anywhere in the subject line.



For subject line ideas and best practices, see What subject line should I use?