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How do I connect FeedbackFive to Amazon MWS?

To import orders and send emails, all FeedbackFive stores must connect to Amazon Seller Central through Marketplace Web Services (MWS).

To do this, you must authorize eComEngine's Seller Central developer account to access your Amazon seller account through MWS.  This authorization is easy to set up and ensures that you can easily control tool access to your Amazon data.

Occasionally, you may need to update your Amazon MWS connection. To connect the first time or to update your connection, follow the instructions below.

How do I connect?

  1. Log into FeedbackFive and go to Store Settings > Amazon MWS.
  2. Click the Amazon flag button or the "here" link. amazon-mws-button-hc
  3. A new window will open and direct you to log into Amazon. Log in, making sure you are using the correct Amazon account and have sufficient user permissions to make changes. (If you encounter an error switching accounts, try clicking "Add an account" and re-typing your credentials.) amazon-sc-login-hc
  4. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms, then click Next. amazon-mws-agree-hc
  5. Click the Continue button. amazon-mws-click-continue-hc

  6. When you receive a Success message, click "Return to FeedbackFive."

  7. Click "Save Changes."

If you encounter errors or have questions, please contact us.