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How do I change button colors?

Use hex codes to modify the colors of Shortcut Tag buttons.

When adding a Shortcut Tag that includes a button, you will have an option to change the color of the button, the button border, and the button text using hex codes. Hex codes are six-digit codes preceded by # that specify a color. Check your brand style guide for hex codes that coordinate with your logo and branding.


Not sure what color to use?

If you do not have a brand style guide with hex codes, you can refer to the chart below to find a basic color to use.

Bright Red


Dark Red


Bright Blue


Dark Blue


Bright (Neon) Green


Dark Green


Bright Yellow


Dark Purple


Bright Purple




Bright Orange


Light Brown




Dark Brown




Default Button Yellow


Not quite right?

  • Experiment with different colors on this official HTML website
  • Upload your own logo or other image and find the hex codes to match it here.