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How do I change button and layout colors?

Use hex codes and built-in color pickers to modify the colors of template elements.

FeedbackFive email templates are built with HTML, which uses six-digit letter and number codes starting with # to specify colors. You can use hex codes to change the color of your layout or buttons to match your logo or follow a specific color scheme.

Layout Colors


The Wizard editor has built-in color pickers to help you select a color as well as fields where you can input an exact hex code. Use an exact hex code to match your brand's style guide if you have one.


Advanced Editor

If you switch to the Advanced Editor, you will see that the colored layouts are made of table cells. Right-click within a cell and choose Cell > Cell Properties, then use the color picker or hex code field to change the background color of the cell.


Button Colors

When adding a Shortcut Tag that includes a button, you will have an option to change the color of the button, the button border, and the button text using hex codes.


Not sure what color to use?

If you do not have a brand style guide, you can refer to the chart below to find a basic color to use.

Bright Red


Dark Red


Bright Blue


Dark Blue


Bright (Neon) Green


Dark Green


Bright Yellow


Dark Purple


Bright Purple




Bright Orange


Light Brown




Dark Brown




Default Button Yellow


Not quite right?

  • Experiment with different colors on this official HTML website
  • Upload your own logo or other image and find the hex codes to match it here.