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How can I exclude buyers who contacted me?

Use the Exclude by Email feature to forward your buyers' messages to FeedbackFive and avoid responding with an automated review or feedback request.

Since FeedbackFive does not read your inbound messages from buyers, there is no way to exclude buyers automatically based on whether they have contacted you. However, you can do this by using the Exclude by Email feature and setting up a forwarding rule or filter in your email client.

Exclude by Email

You can mark an order or a group of orders as "Do Not Solicit" by simply sending an email to FeedbackFive. This is a convenient way for you to ensure that buyers who contact you about their order will not receive solicitation emails.

To use this feature, you must send an email to dns+[Store Number]@subscriptionloop.com. Use the store number for the FeedbackFive store that the order corresponds to. The store number is two letters followed by seven numbers, and you can view it at the top right corner of FeedbackFive. 

To see the exact exclusion email address for your store, click Emails > Exclusions > By Order Number. Look at the bottom of the window to find a note containing your store's unique email address:


Make sure that the email contains a valid order number or a valid buyer's Amazon email address (with @marketplace.amazon.com) in the header, subject, or body of the email. When FeedbackFive reads the email, it will process it as follows:

  1. When the email contains a valid order number, FeedbackFive will mark that specific order as “Do Not Solicit”.
  2. When the email contains a valid buyer's Amazon email address, FeedbackFive will mark as “Do Not Solicit” any orders that buyer placed with your store in the last 90 days.
  3. When the email contains a valid order number AND buyer's Amazon email address, it will perform each of the above actions for the respective information. 

An email may contain multiple valid order numbers and/or Amazon email addresses, and FeedbackFive will process them all.

Exclude Buyers who Contact You

This feature can also be helpful for excluding orders where the buyer has contacted you. Simply forward the buyer’s reply to your store’s DNS email address, making sure it contains the order number. If you want to automatically exclude all orders where the buyer has sent you a message, you can set up a rule or filter in your customer service email client that forwards all emails from @marketplace.amazon.com to dns+[Store Number]@subscriptionloop.com.

You will still receive the buyer’s message in Seller Central and in your email inbox, but a copy will be forwarded to your DNS email address to prevent FeedbackFive from sending automated emails while you reply to the buyer directly.

Check your email provider’s help content or customer support for information on forwarding some of your emails automatically. Below are instructions for two common email clients:

  • Gmail: set up your store’s DNS email address as a forwarding address, then create a filter for messages from @marketplace.amazon.com.

  • Outlookcreate a rule that forwards messages from @marketplace.amazon.com to your store’s DNS email address. (Be sure to forward, not redirect, so that you will still see the message in your inbox and be able to respond to the buyer from there.)