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How can I change or cancel my FeedbackFive plan?

The Account Owner can change your plan at any time. To cancel your account completely, please contact us.

Changing your Plan

Account owners can change their service plan and Product Review Management plan anytime. To change your plan, click your username at the top right of FeedbackFive and select Account. Choose a new plan from the "Current Service Plan" drop-down menu.

For service plans, plan upgrades take effect immediately and generate a prorated charge for the portion of the new plan that will be used during the rest of the billing period. Downgrades take effect automatically just before the next invoice.

For Product Review Management plans, upgrades and downgrades both take effect immediately. An upgrade will generate a prorated charge for the remainder of the billing cycle, and a downgrade will generate a prorated credit toward your account.

If you are not sure which plan level to choose, see What plan is right for me?

Note: If you are still on a Legacy plan, upgrading or downgrading will automatically transition your stores to a single multi-store plan. For information on the differences between the Legacy plans and the new plans, or for help deciding which plan to choose, please contact us.

Pausing or Canceling your Plan

If you would like to pause your emails and billing temporarily, the easiest way is to downgrade to the forever-free plan. Click your username and select Account to downgrade your service plan to the Free (Lite) level and your Product Review Management plan to the free (up to 2 ASINs) level. 

Be sure to go to Emails > Campaigns and switch all campaigns to “Inactive” as well to avoid sending any emails.


Account settings page in FeedbackFive


However, if you need to cancel your account, please contact us with your request and the reason for cancellation. We will process your request as soon as possible. Our support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST/EDT.

Note: We always ask why you want to cancel or downgrade to Free. This helps us understand how we can better serve your needs or other users’ needs in the future. We appreciate your honest and detailed feedback.

But wait! Before canceling, please use our Account Health Checklist to optimize your account, or contact us to request personal suggestions.