Finalizing a PO

RestockPro uses the Purchase Order to track the items ordered from a Supplier.


The PO page allows you to edit the details of the order including costs, discounts, shipping fees and more. Even if RestockPro is not your ultimate source for generating “The PO”, you will want to keep the POs accurate as this data is used to predict an accurate margin.


Note: The PO view is slightly different for each restock model. This example is a cross dock PO.



Enter any discounts you received from the supplier either for the entire PO or on a line-by-line basis. You may enter an overall discount at the bottom of the PO, under the subtotal, as either a percentage or flat dollar amount. Alternatively, you can add a line item discount by checking the applicable item(s) and choosing “apply line item discount” from the dropdown. The switch from line item discounts back to overall discount, click the Actions drop-down button and choose “remove all line item discounts”.


Shipping Costs

Track the shipping costs paid by entering it at the bottom of the purchase order.


PO Note & Internal Notes

You can enter a PO note that will be shown on the purchase order. This is where you can put in a note to the supplier about packaging, labels, or whatever else you need to communicate. You may save a default PO Note for each of your Suppliers on the Supplier details page. There is also a section on the PO for internal notes, where you can make internal comments that won’t be seen by your suppliers. This is helpful if you need to make special notations regarding ETA, order history, instructions to warehouse staff when items arrive, or something else.


Updating order quantities

Sometimes the supplier cannot fulfill all of the items that you ordered. Update the order quantity to reflect what you expect to receive. If the item is on backorder but you expect to receive it, leave it on the PO.


Adding or Removing Items

The Actions dropdown allows you to remove a SKU from the order. You can also add items using the Add Items button.


CSV Options

You can use the CSV Options dropdown to download a list of all the items in the order, or the current view if you want to just download a single page.


Tagging an Order

You can also add Tags to the order. Many users find tags helpful in categorizing orders, keeping track of buyers and more.


Completing the PO

In the PO line item, the quantity and unit cost fields are editable. This is an easy way to update order information. You can also add notes to a line item so that you can communicate information to the supplier about that particular SKU. You can add something like “please polybag” or “ship separately.”

Finally, click the “Create PO” button and a preview of your purchase order will display. You can email yourself the PO, download it as a PDF, or save it and exit. The save/exit option skips the generation steps but registers the PO as having been sent so the system is aware the items are on order.