How do I finalize box contents and labels for an Amazon shipment in RestockPro?

Before sending a shipment to Amazon, you need to add item stickers, specify box contents, and create a shipping label. You can do all of this from RestockPro.

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  1. Print Stickers (Amazon Item Labels)
  2. Provide Box Contents Information
  3. Provide Box/Pallet Info and Print Shipping Labels

Print Stickers (Amazon Item Labels)

  1. There are four ways to print stickers from RestockPro:
    • On the Products page: select products using the checkboxes on the left and click the "Print Stickers" button.
    • At the end of the Shipment Wizard: the Stickers preview will appear for all items in the shipment plan.
    • From an individual shipment: go to the POs and Shipments page, click on a shipment that has been created, and click the Print Stickers button.
    • From the Local Inventory page: go to Local Inventory, use the checkboxes on the left to select item(s), and click the Print Stickers button.
  2. When you choose any of these options to print stickers, you will see a preview. The line items required by Amazon are pre-populated. You can also select an optional additional line item to be printed on the sticker.
    • You can use this to add a SKU, Supplier SKU, ASIN, UPC, or EAN; a continuation of the product title (if it is too long to fit in the usual space); your sticker text you have set for this product on the Products page; or custom text for this particular batch of stickers.pos-shipments-stickers-preview
  3. If you want to change the number of stickers to generate for each SKU, click "Modify Sticker Quantities." Click “See preview” to switch back to the sticker content view.
  4. Once you’ve set up your Amazon labels and quantities, it’s time to download or print them. Use the Format drop-down to select either 30-up or 24-up label sheets or “Custom Size” to define a label size that you print from a thermal printer.
    • If you choose 30-up or 24-up labels, you may choose an option for printing labels continuously, a blank sticker between different SKUs, or a separate page for each SKU.
    • If you choose Custom Size, RestockPro will save the custom size in this menu so you don’t have to specify that each time.
  5. Finally, click "Print" to print right away or "Download" to save the stickers as a PDF.

Note: If you have trouble formatting your stickers for your label sheets, try downloading the sticker PDF and printing from Adobe Reader. Be sure your print settings are set to Actual Size! Choosing Fit or Shrink will change the way your labels print.

Providing Amazon Box Contents Information

The Box Content option allows you to specify which SKUs and quantities are packed in each carton of your shipment. You can then upload this information to Amazon. Amazon prefers that you upload box contents to help FBA accurately receive shipments, and RestockPro makes it easy to comply.

Tip: Amazon's policy is that any shipments without box contents may be subject to a fee, so box contents should be provided on every shipment, even if it's just a single box.

To provide this information to Amazon with RestockPro:

  1. Go to the POs and Shipments page and click on your shipment, then click the "Box Contents" button.
    • Note: This option will only be shown for an Amazon shipment that has already been created and synced to Amazon so that it has a status of "Working." If you do not see this option, make sure you have created the shipment, then wait for the shipment to be sent to Amazon's system. RestockPro will change the status to "Working" automatically when the shipment is ready for you to work on it again.
  2. You will now see the Box Contents pop-up modal. Enter the number of boxes in your shipment toward the top left. pos-shipments-box-contents
  3. If applicable, check the box for "Include SKU expiration dates," then enter the dates.
    • By default, the expiration date will display the value specified on the Products page. You can specify a different expiration date, which will also update the information on the Products page.
    • If the same product is going in more than one box with different expiration dates, check the box for “Expiration dates vary by box” and enter the dates for each box.
  4. Specify box contents by filling in the grid to indicate which SKUs and quantities will be in each box.
    • Click the copy icon to quickly insert the box quantity into a field.
    • For large shipments which contain a long list of SKUs and boxes, you can use the "Search" field to search by SKU, Name, UPC, or any other column on the grid as an easier way to fill in the box contents.
  5. Double-check the “Unassigned quantity” column at the far right, which should show a zero once the entire shipment quantity has been assigned to boxes.
  6. Click the “Send to Amazon” button. RestockPro will upload the information through Amazon’s API.
    Tip: You can also print pick lists for your warehouse team or box contents lists to put inside your boxes. Enclosing a copy of the box contents inside your boxes is another, optional way to help Amazon accurately receive your shipments.
  7. When Amazon's API receives the details, RestockPro will display the results of your upload on the Amazon Status tab of the Box Contents pop-up, including the submission ID, timestamp, and result status (successful or unsuccessful). The results may take several minutes to reach Amazon, so you can close the pop-up, and the Box Contents button will blink to remind you to review the results.
    • If there are any problems, we recommend that you open a case with Amazon. You can inform them that the box content information was uploaded using their MWS API and provide the information on the pop-up to help them diagnose the issue (Submission ID and Shipment ID).

    Provide Box/Pallet Info and Print Shipping Labels

    The Box and Label Wizard is where you specify your shipping options, download shipping labels, and mark a shipment as shipped. Once the options have been saved, you may still download your shipping labels.

    1. Go to the POs and Shipments page and click on a shipment that has already been created and is in "Working" status.
    2. Click the "Box & Label" button. This will open the Shipping Options pop-up. shipments-box-label-options
    3. On the Options tab, specify the shipment type (small parcel or LTL) and carrier (Amazon-partnered or another carrier) and click Next.
    4. On the Boxes tab, specify your boxes (and pallets if needed) according to what you see:
      • If you chose "Small Parcel" and an Amazon-partnered carrier, click the plus sign toward the left to add a box for this shipment, then specify the dimensions and weight. Continue until you have added all boxes and dimensions.
      • If you chose "Small Parcel" and did not choose an Amazon-partnered carrier, simply type the number of boxes in the field provided.
      • If you chose LTL, type the number of boxes in the field provided, then click the plus sign to add a pallet and enter the pallet information. Continue until you have added all pallets.
    5. On the Review tab, if the carrier is Amazon-partnered, you will need to view and accept the estimated shipping charges.
      • Note: Once accepted, the charges may only be voided (unaccepted) for 24 hours. RestockPro will display the "Void" option on this Box & Label pop-up during this time. See Seller Central for more details.
    6. On the Labels tab, choose your paper size and click the "Download" button. Labels will be downloaded as a zipped PDF file. Then, print them and apply them to your boxes.
      • Note: The option to print labels for a range of boxes (rather than all boxes in the shipment) only appears if you have submitted box content information. If you submitted box contents information through RestockPro, the "Box Content Source" in the Summary area on the left side of the pop-up will show "Submitted." It will show "2D Barcodes" if that option was selected for Box Contents, or "Unavailable" if nothing was supplied.
    7. Click "Finish" when the shipping options are complete.
    8. When prompted, you may choose to mark the shipment as “Shipped.”
      • If you choose not to mark as shipped now (e.g. to wait until the boxes have been physically shipped), you can come back later, click on the Box & Label button again, and proceed through the steps until you see the option to mark as shipped.