Emailed Report Settings

RestockPro gives you the option of receiving an email report of your Restock Suggestions. You can schedule this report to be delivered weekly, or daily on your preferred weekday. You can customize the report to give you quick and high-level information or very detailed data. This is a great tool to help you keep track of your inventory so you can make restocking decisions every day. 

Note: The settings that you choose are associated with your email address, so if your store has multiple users, each user may configure their nightly report settings as they wish.


Schedule Your Restock Suggestions Report 

Click on the arrow next to your username in the top right corner of your Dashboard.


Select My Profile>Settings and you’ll see the area where you choose when and what will be delivered in your Restock Suggestions Report.



Email my Restock Suggestions Report

First, choose how often you want to receive the report by clicking the radio buttons for:

  • Nightly

  • Weekly (a drop-down is present so you can choose the day)

  • Never


Report Columns

In this section, you choose which columns you want to appear in your Restock Suggestions report. You have the option of including as many or as few columns as you’d like, but everything that is available in your Restock Suggestions Dashboard is available in the report. The available report columns match all the fields available in Restock Suggestions. 

Click “Apply Saved Filter” to apply any filters saved from Restock Suggestions. Normally, the report contains all flagged SKUs. You may, however, choose to apply one of your saved filters from Restock Suggestions to further narrow down the SKUs in your nightly report. 

Then, you can preview the report using the “Preview Report” button. 

Make sure you save your changes to ensure you’ll receive your report.