Do you have to track your POs in RestockPro?

Do I have to track my POs in RestockPro if I already manage them elsewhere?

We get this question a lot. The short answer is you don't have to, but you probably should! Why?

  1. If your POs are in RestockPro, then your forecast will know about orders you've already placed. You won't risk placing duplicate orders.
  2. By receiving your POs in RestockPro, you'll quickly spot items not shipped where you may be due a refund from the Supplier. Use the item notes and PO notes to keep track of what you may be owed.
  3. Backorders need to be proactively managed. RestockPro helps ensure you keep track of what's been received and what still coming. If you work with a lot of items or multiple suppliers, keeping it in your head is a recipe for disaster.
  4. The Restock Suggestions view is your best spot to make restocking decisions with all the right data points. Create your PO here and you can easily export it via CSV to other systems. 
  5. If you prefer to create the PO in a spreadsheet or other tool, just import it into RestockPro to achieve these benefits.