Choose your order type

When you create an order, there are 3 options: direct, cross dock and local. 


Direct is the obvious choice if the supplier will prep and ship the items to FBA for you. 

But if the items are coming to your facility or a 3rd party prep center, or if lead times are very long, you might be wondering whether to choose cross dock or local. Here are a few considerations, though ultimately you may want to try both. In the end you might prefer one or use different ones for different suppliers.

Use cross dock when:

  • Your shipments typically consist of items from the same PO
  • You use kits and would like RestockPro to automatically "build" your kits when the assigned parts are received
  • You generally ship everything that you order

Use local when:

  • You plan to keep items in your local warehouse
  • You commonly combine items from multiple POs to ship to Amazon
  • You use kits but you prefer to build them yourself. At times it makes more sense to use the parts for individual sale or a different kit.