Check Out Your Restock Suggestions

Restock Suggestions is the place to view your forecast and launch the restocking process. To check out your forecast, click Restock Suggestions from the top menu.

There's a lot to see, but trust me you are going to love it! 

How do I know what is suggested for restocking?

Supplier List - See your list of Suppliers and sort to help prioritize your restocking. Click a Supplier to view all of their products, or choose All Suppliers to get a complete products perspective.

Product List - These are details about your products and suggested quantities.

Flags - On the far left side of the grid, you'll see your products flagged by restocking priority. This color-coded to-do list helps guide your restocking decisions.

Do you have local inventory that you should ship?

If you have available local stock and use a local restock model, scroll to the far right side of the grid to see the Suggested Ship quantity now from your local inventory and/or the Suggested Reorder from your Supplier. 

What quantity needs to be restocked from the supplier?

Scroll to the far right side of the grid to see the suggested quantity to ship now from your local inventory and/or to reorder from your Supplier. You can also click the calculator icon below the Order Quantity field to see more details on how this is calculated.

Restock What's Best for Profitability

The columns in the middle of the grid contain lots of data that may be useful in guiding your decisions. From profit margin to competitive information, sales history and more, the key factors are there to help decide where to invest your restocking budget.