Billing FAQs for FeedbackFive and SellerPulse

Understand your FeedbackFive, SellerPulse, and/or Product Review Management invoice.

Note: This article is about accounts created on September 18, 2023, or later, when a new pricing structure was launched. If your account was created earlier, please contact us with any billing questions.


FeedbackFive, SellerPulse, and Product Review Management can be purchased as separate subscriptions or bundled for a discount. For a summary of the subscriptions and bundles and how to add or remove a subscription, see What subscriptions and prices does eComEngine offer? How can I change my subscription?

FeedbackFive and SellerPulse are priced based on your Amazon order volume. Starting at the end of your free trial, you will receive an invoice based on the number of Amazon orders received by the stores you have added to your account in the past 30 days. This invoice pays for your subscription(s) for the following one-month billing cycle. Your price will automatically adjust up or down each month if your order volume fluctuates.

Product Review Management is priced based on the number of ASINs you want to track for product reviews. This does not affect how many ASINs SellerPulse will monitor for you, or which ASINs FeedbackFive will request reviews for.


How can I estimate my next invoice amount?

  1. Click your username at the top right of either FeedbackFive or SellerPulse and select Account. 
    Arrow pointing to the username menu in FeedbackFive
  2. Click "View Pricing" next to your subscription selections to see pricing tiers. Then, look below for your total orders (across all stores) for the last billing cycle and for the current billing cycle so far to estimate which pricing tier you fall into.

Note: Only the Account Owner can access the Account page.

What if I don't use all the features? If you signed up for a subscription and the features were available for you to use, you will be invoiced. Per our Terms of Use, we do not provide free months or refunds due to lack of use. If you need help setting up your account and making use of all the features, please contact us. We're happy to help!

What if I just barely exceed a lower pricing tier? Each pricing tier is designed for a range of orders, e.g. 0-2000 orders, 2001-5000 orders, etc. You will be invoiced for the range your order volume falls into this month.

What if I have zero orders this month? If you have zero orders across all stores/marketplaces, you will be charged for the lowest pricing tier (0-2000 orders).

Can I pause my subscriptions? From the account page, you can cancel and reactivate any of your subscriptions at any time. You can also remove or re-add additional stores (international marketplaces) anytime. Stores that have been removed will no longer be included in the order volume count for your next invoice.