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How can I change alt text for images in FeedbackFive?

Amazon requires alt text for all images in emails. FeedbackFive adds it for you, but you can change it.

Alt text is a short description of an image in the HTML code of your email template that helps buyers who can’t see the image understand what it is.

Amazon's Communication Guidelines state that images without alt text are not allowed in Buyer-Seller Messaging emails.

All images uploaded through the FeedbackFive Image Library or the Wizard template editor have simple alt text added automatically to keep you compliant.

However, if you would like to change the alt text of your images, you can do so in the Advanced Editor (available on Pro and above):

  1. Open your email template in the Advanced Editor.
  2. Right-click on the image within the template.
  3. Change the text in the "Alternative Text" field.


Note: Alt text should be very short (a few words) and describe what the image is, e.g. "[Store Name] Logo" or "Diagram of [product]."