How to Get More Product Reviews in 2017

Product reviews provide a great way to monitor your listings to ensure customer satisfaction, item quality and more. Learn what you need to know about the Amazon.com, Inc. (“Amazon”) policies regarding product review solicitations and much more in this webinar with eComEngine Founder and President Jay Lagarde and FeedbackFive Product Manager Laura Pugliese. By watching this informative conversation, you’ll learn:

  • Product review policies
  • Best practices for product review solicitation
  • Tips for creating an engaging product review email request
  • The state of Amazon’s Vine program
  • Social media tips
  • Email tips
  • Product review management strategies, including how to deal with competitive and negative reviews
  • What you can learn from big brands
  • How to use product reviews to make important buying decisions

This information is great for both seasoned and rookie sellers. Check it out! To view this webinar, simply fill out the form at the top of the page.