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April 9th, 2019: Building Your Brand - Register Today!

by Liz Fickenscher, on February 13, 2019

Date: Tuesday April 9, 2019

Time: 1pm ET - 2:30pm ET

Industry experts reveal their thoughts about building a brand as an eCommerce merchant. 

Our Panelists

Liz FickenscherLiz Fickenscher is the Industry Liaison for eComEngine and works with brand owners and all different types of sellers to understand their pain points and how to help them be successful on the Amazon marketplaces. She'll be moderating this webinar.

Liz AdamsonLiz Adamson the founder and lead consultant for Egility. She is an experienced seller, advisor and brand manager and she has over ten years of experience in the eCommerce space. She'll be talking about positioning your brand for maximum impact, including EBC, listing optimization and more.

Brandon AndrewsBrandon Andrews is the editor-in-chief of The Private Label Insider and co-founder of FreedomShark. He also runs his own successful private label business and has more than five years experience in that space. Building on his own success, he'll address what means success in private label selling.

Steph NissenSteph Nissen is the Head of Digital Operations at Atomic Revenue, a fantastic digital agency focused on lead generation, sales conversion and customer advocacy. Steph knows everything there is to know about social media in the eCommerce space and will address that and more.

Shannon RoddyShannon Roddy is an entrepreneur and eCommerce consultant that is the brains behind Marketplace Seller Courses, a comprehensive course to get brands started on Amazon. He has more than six years of consulting experience and will address brand and product launch on Amazon.

Brigette YoungBrigette Young is the founder and CEO of Modern Muse Co, an agency focused on solving complex business problems and helping brands grow. She is a marketing guru, and especially well-versed in the realm of influencer marketing. She'll tell you more during the webinar.


Topics covered include:

  • Brand positioning
  • Social media and other marketing
  • Finding influencers
  • Private label tips
  • Launching your brand on Amazon and other marketplaces
  • And more!

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