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eComEngine is a leading software engineering company. We specialize in developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) products for merchants who sell on the Amazon marketplace (including via the FBA platform). Our software is designed to help merchants increase sales, become more profitable, save time and boost productivity.

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We are proud to offer a variety of innovative tools for Amazon merchants. Below is a brief description of each solution. Click to learn more about the product that best fits your needs.

  • FeedbackFive – Struggling to get your Amazon customers to leave feedback? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, over 90% of buyers fail to leave feedback. A negative or neutral feedback score can significantly impact your ability to sell online. Take control of your reputation and improve your feedback rating with FeedbackFive. Monitor and manage your Amazon feedback score in 3 easy steps. Learn More
  • eComSpy – Need a little “inside information” on the FBA market? eComSpy gives you fast and accurate intelligence on the market before you add the item to your inventory. Whether you’re just comparing products or looking to make a big buy, eComSpy takes the detective work out of the FBA market. Learn More
  • RestockPro – Looking for a better way to manage your FBA inventory and operations? RestockPro is the most powerful inventory management tool available for FBA sellers, simplifying every aspect of the process. Calculate estimated margins, manage inbound shipments, monitor out-of-stock items, and grow your bottom line. Learn More
  • SmartPrice – How much time do you spend manually pricing and repricing your Amazon listings? Depending on the number of listings, pricing management can turn into a full time job. SmartPrice is a repricing tool that simplifies the entire process. This innovative solution gives merchants the ability to set up pricing rules and then reprice their listings automatically. Learn More