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FeedbackFive's product review management software makes it easy to track and manage your ASINs. Get detailed analytics and insight into your products with just a few clicks.

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Manage Amazon Reviews

Soliciting, tracking and managing product reviews for each of your ASINs is a great way to ensure that your products are performing as expected for your customers.

Monitor Reviews

Get automatic alerts for negative reviews and more with FeedbackFive’s product review management feature.

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Analyze Reviews

Delve into each ASIN with FeedbackFive’s at-a-glance product review analytics to see where improvements can be made.

Auto-Track Product Reviews

Starting as low as $0.05 per item you track.
Available on all FeedbackFive plan levels.



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50 $ 9.99
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800 $ 59.99
1500 $ 79.99
3000 $ 149.99
4500 $ 199.99
7000 $ 299.99
10000 $ 399.99

*The number of free ASINs varies by FeedbackFive plan level. To learn more about our plans, click here.

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Solicit, Track and Manage Amazon Reviews

Request Reviews

Set up a customized email campaign in FeedbackFive to automatically send a product review request to buyers.
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Get Fast Alerts

Receive SMS text and email notifications for negative reviews so you can stay informed and respond quickly.
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Gain Insights

Get valuable details about how each of your products are performing on the Amazon marketplace.
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"FeedbackFive's Product Review Management tool is the best way to track what customers say about our products. It adds value to our company as we are able to track reviews in real time and show our customers how much we care about their opinion."

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