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What is the Daily Email Limit?

Amazon limits the number of emails you can send to buyers each day. FeedbackFive will stay below this limit so that you don't accidentally break the policy.

Currently, the Amazon Daily Email Limit is five times your daily order average plus 600.

By default, FeedbackFive uses only five times your daily order average (or a minimum of 100 emails), leaving the additional 600 emails per day available for other customer-service responses that you may need to send to individual buyers. You can see the number of emails FeedbackFive will send by checking your Dashboard.

Daily Email Limit Dashboard tile

Your campaigns will automatically be sent based on this number each day to ensure that you do not violate the Amazon limit.

Soliciting Past Orders

When you first activate your campaigns, you have the option to catch up on orders placed in the last 32 days. The Daily Email Limit may cause this catch-up process to take several days.

When the older orders have all been solicited, recent orders will be solicited according to the campaign timing.

Note: Amazon does not allow emails to be sent more than 30 days after order completion. To comply with this guideline, FeedbackFive's campaign rules cannot be set to more than 30 days after delivery date or 32 days after order date.

If you notice that some campaigns are sent more often than others during this catch-up period, it is likely due to the priority of the campaigns. On the Emails > Campaigns page, campaigns higher on the list are higher priority than those lower on the list. You can drag and drop the campaigns using the list icon to the left of each campaign title to adjust the priority.