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What happens if I exceed my FeedbackFive email limit?

Email overages make sure that your emails are continuously sent for a small fee even if your email usage exceeds your service plan.

Once you’ve used up your monthly email allowance, your account will continue sending emails, and an overage fee of $0.0033 or less ($0.0075 or less on older plan levels) will be charged for each additional email on your next invoice. Overage emails are free during your free trial period. See the chart below for full overage and pricing details.

Your FeedbackFive Dashboard will always show your number of sent emails and the remaining days for the month. For any questions about our email overage fees, or for advice on whether you should pay overages or consider upgrading to a higher plan level, please contact us.

Number of emails sent and remaining on the FeedbackFive dashboard

2023 Plans with Overages:

Monthly Emails


Overage Fee per Email























Note: If you are on an older plan level, your overage fees might be different. Feel free to contact us to make sure you're on the best plan level for your needs.

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