What Buy Box analytics does SmartPrice provide?

SmartPrice shows you how much time your SKUs spend in the Buy Box, what percentage of the time your offers are suppressed from winning the Buy Box, and more.

On the Dashboard > Classic page, you can see two charts showing how much time the Buy Box for your listings is suppressed and, if the Buy Box is not suppressed, how much time your offers typically spend in the Buy Box.


Both are broken down by SKUs that SmartPrice is repricing versus SKUs that SmartPrice is not repricing so that you can see which perform better. For example, if the Buy Box is suppressed more on SKUs that you are not repricing with SmartPrice, that indicates that SmartPrice is helping your SKUs stay compliant with Amazon’s pricing policies, and you may want to turn on repricing for more of your SKUs to reduce the amount of time they are suppressed.

On the Dashboard > Buy Box page, you can see charts showing your Buy Box presence percentage by SKU count. For example, you may see that you had three SKUs with a 0% Buy Box presence, seven with a 0-20% Buy Box presence, etc. This data is shown for the past day, seven days, and 30 days so that you can see if your Buy Box presence is improving on more SKUs over time.