Managing user permissions

Depending on your plan level, you may link multiple users to your store with different privileges. Manage your RestockPro store’s logins on the Manage Users page.


To Add a New User

  • Click the Add User button

  • Enter First Name, Last Name, and Email Address (the email serves as the login id)

  • Select which sections of the store the user will have access to view and update:

      • Store Settings

      • Store Users

      • Billing Information

Note - The Order Processor role has access to Orders and Local Inventory ONLY


To Modify a User

Sometimes, you might want to modify a user’s information or settings.

  • Click the pencil on the right side of the user grid to modify a user’s information and settings

  • To update email addresses, please contact us here

To Delete a User

To delete a user, simply click the trash bin next to the user’s name.


Store Owner

Find this under Options>My Store. The store owner automatically has all access and modify privileges. It cannot be removed.


Change Password

Go to My Profile in the drop-down under your name in the top right corner of your Dashboard. Choose My Profile and go to the Password tab to reset it.


Users with Access to Multiple RestockPro Stores

In order to access multiple stores and to be able to switch between them using the Store Switcher, you must have the same email address associated with each of those stores.