Use tags, notes and status fields to track your inventory

Use the status, tags and notes columns to store any attributes that are useful for managing or grouping sets of SKUs. For example, tags are a great way to mark seasonal items, trendy products, or special prep scenarios.

These fields may be updated in either the Products page or in Restock Suggestions. 

Set a SKU to watch or ignore:

Use the status field in Restock Suggestions to identify SKUs you are watching or ignoring so you can easily find/filter by them. For example, watch SKUs that you expect are growing in popularity. Ignore SKUs that you have temporarily stopped restocking due to a lack of availability or popularity.

Apply a tag to multiple products:

  1. Ensure the Tags column is visible in the Restock Suggestions grid
  2. Click the checkbox in the tag column on each SKU you'd like to tag
  3. Click the tag icon to set a common tag

Upload tags via CSV:

Use the CSV download/upload features to update tags in bulk.  Any tag updates will be added to your existing list of tags.

Remove tags using CSV:

To clear out a tag, type <DELETE> into the tag column. Be sure to include the <> brackets. 

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