How do I research products with MarketScout?

Upload a new batch of ASINs, UPCs, EANs, or ISBNs to get information about the products.



First, create your batch in Excel:

  1. Download an Excel template of the file format.
  2. Enter the list of ASINs, ISBNs, UPC numbers, and/or EANs in Column A "ASIN/UPC/EAN."
  3. Enter the item costs in Column B "Item Cost" if you want to see projected margins calculated.

Next, save your data in a comma-delimited (CSV) file:

  1. Save your work as an Excel workbook one final time. We suggest creating a back-up copy and adding a date to the file name to keep a history of your work if you want to refer to prior versions or in case there is an error in processing.
  2. Make sure you are on the worksheet tab that contains your data.
  3. On the File menu, click Save As. The Save As dialog box appears.
  4. In the Save As Type list, choose CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv). Browse to where you would like to save the file, rename the file, and click Save.
  5. You might see a warning that the selected file format (the tab-delimited file type) does not support workbooks containing multiple worksheets. Click Yes.
  6. You might see a warning that your file contains features incompatible with the selected CSV (Comma delimited) file format. Click Yes.

Then, upload your batch:

  1. Click “Upload New Batch” in the top navigation bar. The Upload Batch screen will appear.
  2. Enter a name for the batch.
  3. Check “First ASIN Only” if you only want one ASIN returned for each item in the batch. Leaving this box unchecked will return multiple ASINs for each UPC or EAN if they are present and increases the overall processing time.
  4. Choose New or Used Items using the radio buttons under the Batch Name. The default is New Items. If you want to see matches for both new and used items, upload your batch twice. Choose “New Items” once and choose “Used Items” the next time.
  5. Click “Browse” to select your batch file from your computer. Select your file and click “Open.”
  6. Click “Upload” to create a new batch. Your lookups will begin automatically, and you will be notified by email when the batch report is complete. You can also view the progress of your reports on the MarketScout Dashboard.

Upload Notes:

  • The import file must be saved as a comma-delimited file with a ".csv" extension.

  • The first row of the file must contain the column headings, with the actual import data beginning on the second row.

  • The column headings must be "ASIN/UPC/EAN" and "Item Cost"
  • Please note that you must supply ASIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN. ASINs must contain 10 characters, UPC numbers must contain 12 characters, and EAN must contain 13 characters. Leading zeroes must be included for accurate results. Instructions for keeping leading zeros can be found here.

  • Item Cost is not a required field but allows us to calculate margins for your report. If Item Cost is not included, the value will default to zero for the margin calculations.