Case Rounding

By default, RestockPro will round up when making Restock Suggestions for products that have case pack quantities. You can change this setting to round down or to do not round.

All products currently have a flag called Always Purchase in Cases. When this flag is turned on, we will always round your Suggested Reorder Quantities using your rounding rule (up or down). The number of units we display will always be rounded and divisible by the product's case pack quantity, and we will always show the number of cases to order in both the Restock Calculation Window and the Purchase Order.

When the Always Purchase in Cases flag is turned off, we will not automatically round your Suggested Reorder Quantities. We will display the closet number of units of cases based on your case pack rule, but RestockPro will assume that you are not required to order an even number of cases since the Always Purchase in Cases flag is turned off.

In short, turn the Always Purchase in Cases flag ON for any products that you always want to purchase by the case, either because that's easier for you to manage or because the supplier will not break cases. Turn the flag off for products when you want the option to order by the case.